Mum and child (cropped)

How to get back to education as a parent

Juggling work with parenthood is always tricky - especially when it comes to demanding deadlines and unexpected illnesses. But what about going back to education? 


When you're not expected to be in the office at a certain time, or back in the kitchen serving up dinner, it can be even harder to carve out time to yourself. Here are our tips on how to study as a parent.

Dedicate time to your studies

Much like you nag your kids to do their homework - it's time to do the same with your own learning! Ensuring you have dedicated time set aside for your reading and essays will make it more manageable and get everyone into the routine and used to the concept of you tucking yourself away for an hour or so in the evening, undisturbed.

Learn together

This might not work for everyone, but why not try and work on your essays while your kids finish their homework? Showing your little ones that learning and completing assignments is normal - and even something you choose to do! - is a great example to set.

Create a learning space

Don't try to read study notes or write your essays on the sofa surrounded by kids, the tv blaring, excitable pets and the washing up in sight - you won't get much done! Dedicate a quiet corner of the house that's purely for work, ideally that everyone knows not to disturb you in, and make sure you enjoy being there.

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