Recipe Book Process


Choose your style and design

Confirm style of book and approximate number of recipes (pages) then you can work out your costs and how much you would like to sell them for.

Our recommendation is adding £3.00 profit as a minimum per book


Build Project Awareness

Either use our sample social media  / e-mail or create your own, try and create some excitement about the project, the more people who know about it the more you will sell!


 Prepare the Recipes

Type up all the recipes into our form then save and name all the photos with the recipe name ie. Spaghetti Bolognese.JPG
Please do not send the recipe images as Word Documents


Your Sample Book

We prepare a PDF proof for you, once you are happy with that we print one copy for you so you can show  / advertise it and gauge a suitable amount to order (there is a minimum order amount of 20 x books) and also check for any errors!

Once we have your approval and number required your final school cookbooks are printed and delivered.