Write your Christmas list early and fundraise with IQ Cards

10th Mar 2016

As the school year rolls on we’ve begun to notice torn books, tired toys and learning materials that have seen better days. It can’t be helped, it’s all part of the fun, but it’s given our parents and teachers a spot of inspiration for this year’s fundraising Christmas cards.


Because every pack sold includes an extra £1, £2 or £3 in the price, that goes straight back to the school, it’s time to start putting together your spending wish list. Perhaps you’re hoping to raise enough money for new playground equipment - or a school trip to the coast for your class? Does your school need some new digital technology the whole class can enjoy, or perhaps you want some new art materials or baking equipment? Pop those thinking caps on and get ready to reach your target, with our simple fundraising project.


To find out more about our fundraising Christmas cards, visit our Christmas Cards for Schools page, and to find out more about our Early Bird Special visit our Contact page, for an exclusive 10% extra funding when you confirm your place before Easter!


p.s In case you missed it - we’re now a PTA UK approved supplier for school fundraising! Read our latest blog to find out more about what becoming PTA UK approved means for IQ Cards.