Support your children when they start a new school

15th Sep 2017

Whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary, or simply moving to a new area, starting school is often a disruptive and emotional time in a child’s life. If your younger one has found the first few days of a new school difficult, they’re not alone. Here are our tips for making the change easier for them.


Make it exciting


Your local library will be filled with books that will help prepare them for their first day at school �" it’s also a great tool to help them understand that it will get easier, if they’re finding it difficult.


Help them make friends


If they’re struggling to build relationships with their class mates, invite a few of them round or organise a day out with them and their parents to give them the chance to get to know each other outside of the classroom. This will also help you to become part of the school community.


Lead by example


Some children seem allergic to homework. We recently read a fantastic tip to help avoid this problem - when they should be doing their homework, do yours at the same time. What’s your homework? Sorting out bills, do your online food shopping, RSVP to invitations - anything that you’ve been putting off, that needs your attention. Not only will it help lead by example, it also ticks a few things off your to-do list!


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