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Reducing plastic as a family

26th Apr 2019

As we celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April it got us thinking about how we can reduce our single-use plastic use and go beyond taking the recycling out once a fortnight. Here are a few simple ideas for reducing plastic in a busy household.


Bring a bottle

It takes a bit of practice, but you’ll soon get into the rhythm of making sure that everyone leaves the house armed with their own water bottle. Not only will it stop you buying plastic water bottles on the go - it will also save you money. Bonus! Most cafes are happy to refill bottles, too. And don’t forget your coffee cup!


Plan meals and pack your lunch

Meal planning, keeping track of the back of the fridge and packing lunches for the family all contributes to reducing plastic and food waste. Our Dinner Routine blog post has some great tips for meal planning.


Buy in bulk

For all the household staples - from pasta and rice to cleaning products and toilet roll - buying in bulk often means less packaging (sometimes zero) and savings at the same time.


Small steps

For even smaller changes; swap your lighter for matches, say no to straws, always take your rubbish with you (and any others that you spot along the way) and opt for glass jars over plastic options wherever possible - from pasta sauce to smoothies.


How do you reduce your plastic use as a family? Join our IQ Cards Facebook community and share your tips - we’d love to hear them!