Our Leavers Autograph Books make leaving memorable

11th Jun 2018

As the end of the summer term approaches, we’re really excited to announce the launch of our new Leavers Autograph Books! They’re a really special way for your child to remember their school days, and to say goodbye to their friends on their last day of term with a memory that they can keep for years to come.


You can personalise the front cover of your leavers’ autograph book with the name of your child’s school and logo, and there’s a space on the back of the book for a special message for all of the children.


Our autograph books are a unique way for every child to remember their school days, and can be filled with notes, photos and funny messages from fellow pupils and teachers " stories they’ll want to remember for years to come (as well as a few tales of mischief along the way!). They’re a great way to wave goodbye to childhood friends and look forward to their next adventure at secondary school, with a book filled with memories to treasure.


To find out more about our range of Leavers Autograph Books please complete our enquiry form or email info@iqcards.co.uk and we’ll send you more information about the designs we have available.