keep calm christmas

Keep calm this Christmas

12th Dec 2017
Christmas is hectic at the best of times - throw in some excited kids, a handful (or three!) of sugary treats and the long anticipated wait for Father Christmas, and the whole holiday can fly by in a blur of activity. 

To make sure you enjoy the festive season, we’ve put together a few ideas that might make it a calm, happy and healthy break for you and all the family this Christmas.

Keep pen and paper to hand
As the kids are furiously tearing the paper off, it can be tricky to remember who received what from whom, so keep a note as they open each gift - it will make thank you letters much simpler.

Make time for yourself
It can be easy to forget when you’re rushing around cooking, clearing away and thinking about the next meal - but Christmas is supposed to be relaxing for all the family, so clear a full hour in the middle of the afternoon where you don’t have anything to do, other than relax on the sofa and enjoy the day. 

Invite a friend round
There’s a chance we all know someone who might be spending Christmas alone this year. Why not invite them round for a few hours, or for a meal, and celebrate what Christmas is really about. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the gesture more than you realise - and they might even help out with the sprouts!

We wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from all of the IQ Cards team!