How to deal with playground bullies

30th Jun 2019

Summer term might be winding down, and the holidays fast approaching, but they haven’t started yet and if your child is experiencing bullying at school it can feel like a long few weeks to go before they have a break. The holiday break can also make children anxious about returning to school, and the uncomfortable environment.  


Support your child


Your support and belief in them is the most important thing that they need from the beginning. Listen to what’s happening, reassure them that they aren’t alone in experiencing bullying and make sure you’re clear on what the situation is so you can make a decision on what the next steps should be - is this harmless bullying? Does it need to be raised with the teacher? Can you sit down with the other child’s parents to work this out?


Help them understand their strengths


When a child understands that they don’t have to put up with bullying - and they are armed with ‘self-defense’ coping mechanisms when bullying does occur - they are stronger than they think they are. Believing in themselves - that they can cope with a situation, that they won’t move just because someone has told them to, and that they have just as much right to be taking part in an activity as anyone else, will empower them to stand up to bullies rather than have an adult or parent step in for them.


Speak positively at home


Lead by example at home by not putting people (even celebrities!) down. Children pick up on language and learn the different levels of how we judge and speak to each other from their parents - so make sure you’re leading with positivity.


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