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Get Organised for 2017

5th Jan 2017
January 2017

With every new year comes the hope for a fresh start and the promises of better productivity. It offers us the chance to reflect on the year past and think about how we want to take on the year coming. With this in mind we've put together some helpful tips to get you ready for an excellent, more organised 2017 with your Students!

We're wishing all of our Schools a fantastic new year - we can't wait to see where it takes you! 

So here are our useful tips...

Lesson Planning


Start as you mean to go on and get those lessons planned way in advance! Mix things up a little this year and try a few methods of teaching so you get a thorough understanding of how your student’s respond to practical and theoretical learning.

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Our tip: Use post it notes so you can easily swap, edit and add new topics accordingly without making a mess of your new 2017 diary.



Get your fundraising planned for the year


No last minute mad rushes and panics when you need to secure a fundraising idea for your school, make sure you plan your fundraising in good time for the whole academic year.


Focus on a theme to help you determine what projects will be easiest to run at different times of the year; whether that’s seasonal or running alongside the school’s academic focuses.

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Our tip: Try our new Spring greeting card project for Easter and Mother’s Day cards, or maybe a fancy-dress day that relates to a time in history your students have learnt about.



Tidy desk and classroom


Unruly stationery is every desk’s nemesis �" a paperclip here and a pen there can soon get out of hand and before you know it everything you need is buried under a pile of never ending stuff.

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Our tip: Use a spice rack to organise and keep your stationery in its place. Velcro is also so easy to keep your board markers in place on the board and to hand.