Different types of learning

20th Aug 2018

As we approach a new school year - or perhaps your little ones are beginning school for the first time - we wanted to look at the different ways that children learn, and how we can support them. It may seem advanced for young children, but as they begin their education it’s important to understand that there isn’t one single way of learning. 



Visual children prefer to use pictures, colours and other visual tools to learn. 



Physical learners practice the ‘learn by doing’ method, which allows children to cement their understanding of the subject. 



Using song, rhythm and music helps the Aural learner better understand what they are working on.



Reading things aloud helps the Verbal learner recall and retain information. 



Always looking to understand the reasons behind what they’re learning, the Logical learner will look at both the finer details and the bigger picture. 



Shared activities and group learning work best for the Social learner. 



Learning alone and homework are the preferred way of working for the Solitary learner. 


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