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19th Jan 2018
As the school year progresses and children’s curriculum becomes more challenging, more and more parents are admitting that they are struggling to help with homework. There’s only so far we can leave it up to them to figure out for themselves, so how can we support them?

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New year 2018
11th Jan 2018

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a healthy and happy Christmas period, and celebrated together as we rolled into 2018.


We’re pleased to announce that now Christmas 2017 is over, we are looking forward to opening our books for 2018!

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28th Dec 2017
Christmas is over, it’s time to start thinking about 2018 and all the exciting plans we have for the New Year. Here are some ideas we have...

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keep calm christmas
12th Dec 2017
To make sure you enjoy the festive season, we’ve put together a few ideas that might make it a calm, happy and healthy break for you and all the family this Christmas.

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reindeer handprintjpg
27th Nov 2017
Over on our IQ Cards Facebook page you’ll find lots of inspiration for homemade cards and gifts - including card designs, decorations, Christmas cookies and festive fancy dress. Here are a few of our favourites...

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15th Nov 2017
Here are our tips for keeping kids focused during the late-autumn term.

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16th Oct 2017

As Hallowe’en approaches, it’s a dilemma that’s grown over the years: should parents take their children out trick or treating? 

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9th Oct 2017
With half-term fast approaching, here’s our guide to planning ahead and making the most of some time together as a family - most of them are free or cost as little as £1 entry.

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school kids
29th Sep 2017
September marks the start of a new term and a new year - and for a lot of children, a brand new school. All of this change can be unsettling, so we’ve put together our tips for how to make the transition easier, and how best to support your children as they embark on a new phase in their education.

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15th Sep 2017
Whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary, or simply moving to a new area, starting school is often a disruptive and emotional time in a child’s life. If your younger one has found the first few days of a new school difficult, they’re not alone. Here are our tips for making the change easier for them.

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reading child
4th Aug 2017

The summer break is the perfect excuse to cram in as much reading as you can. Whatever the weather (and the UK certainly likes to enjoy all of the seasons in one month!), you can bring a good book along anywhere. 

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17th Jul 2017
The countdown begins - summer holidays are fast approaching and although the whole family might be counting down the days, it’s a long stretch of time to fill with fun activities. Here’s our guide to having a fun and productive summer.

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child creativity at school
10th Jul 2017
As children grow older and reach primary school, education through play becomes more relevant to their personal development; their creativity, their understanding of themselves, and their ability to retain knowledge.

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kid watching tv
26th Jun 2017

Many children enjoy coming home from school and turning on the television - it also gives you time to organise all of the things that need to be done before the next day. But if you’re trying to mix things up at home, and limit screen time, here are a few ideas for how to keep the kids entertained.

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13th Jun 2017

The end of term is fast approaching, with just a few weeks left until the summer holidays are here and time to say goodbye to your children’s class teacher. 

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22nd May 2017

The next few months can be tricky for children. We’ve had bank holidays, Easter holidays, half term and now we’re on our way to the long summer holidays. With every month offering a different routine, we’ve put together our top tips for making the transition between school terms and holidays much easier for everyone.

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8th May 2017

The May half-term holidays can be tricky to organise activities for. With the weather being so unpredictable, plans often have to change at short notice, so we’ve come up with two tried-and-tested ways to keep the kids happy, whatever the weather.

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18th Apr 2017
As the temperature starts rising we can’t wait to make the most of the summer sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors. The summer holidays are approaching, so here are our favourite ideas for how to fundraise and have fun in the sun this year.

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easter biscuits
12th Apr 2017

The Easter holidays are upon us, and we’re here to share our tips for keeping the kids entertained while they’re off school - and you’ll have some fun, too!

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easter bunny
21st Mar 2017
Every year we make Easter fun with our personalised Easter cards, but this year we want to make something to go with our handmade cards. Here are a few of our favourite ideas...

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mothers day
6th Mar 2017
Mother’s Day is just around the corner - but it’s not too late to make Mum something crafty and personalised. 

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22nd Feb 2017
At IQ Cards we love seeing how imaginative and creative children are with their cards - whether that’s coming up with a new character, or opening the kitchen drawers and seeing what they can use to create their next masterpiece with.

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13th Feb 2017
Christmas might be a distant memory but half-term is fast approaching, and we all need to start planning and get organised. Seven days may seem short - especially when the summer holidays can feel like a lifetime! - but when you’ve run out of ideas by Tuesday, the rest of the week can drag by in a blur.

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desk tidy
5th Jan 2017
Top tips to get you and your classroom organised, and ready for a great 2017 with your Students!

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9 Successful Years
2nd Dec 2016
Risk-free with no upfront payments and only traditional ordering methods - this year marks the 9th successful year for our Christmas Card Fundraising project for Schools! 

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15th Nov 2016
Our 2016 Christmas Card project is now full! But check out the exciting opportunities we have for 2017...

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29th Sep 2016
Through the arts a healthy learning culture is adopted - children learn to share with others, express their feelings and make decisions among a whole multitude of other life skills.

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26th Sep 2016
Fundraising is an important aspect for schools throughout the UK. Here are the most popular fundraising activities across the country! 

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Kids and teacher crafts
15th Apr 2016

As parents ourselves, and PTA members at our children’s schools, we understand how important it is to juggle learning and play. It’s why we set up IQ Cards. We wanted to create a way for children to learn together in a fun environment, whilst raising money for their school. We also wanted it to be personal, creative and, most of all, simple. Six simple steps, in fact.

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pta uk
23rd Mar 2016

Every year we love seeing our inbox fill up with emails from parents and teachers confirming their participation in our annual Christmas card fundraising initiative. Not only does it mean that we’ll be raising even more money for schools across the country, it also gives us the chance to meet the next Picasso or Van Gogh!

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10th Mar 2016

As the school year rolls on we’ve begun to notice torn books, tired toys and learning materials that have seen better days. It can’t be helped, it’s all part of the fun, but it’s given our parents and teachers a spot of inspiration for this year’s fundraising Christmas cards.

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22nd Feb 2016

The excitement of tearing open presents is what makes Christmas extra special " but you might not want to rip this work of art up quite so quickly! Signed by your very own little artist, with the design and images chosen by them, IQ Cards’ personalised fundraising gift-wrap makes Christmas even better, because every pack you buy raises money for your school. 

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pta uk logoforsite
11th Feb 2016

Exciting news for IQ Cards and our schools...

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9th Feb 2016

Our Value Pack includes a selection of your children's personalised Christmas cards, gift-wrap, labels and Thank You cards at the brilliant price of just £10. Find out more...

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School fundraising Thank you cards
25th Jan 2016

Our simple and effective Christmas card project is a tried and tested way of raising money for schools...

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thank you
12th Jan 2016

The perfect way to thank friends and family for Christmas gifts over the festive season...

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Orderforms (cropped)
30th Jun 2015

Our first batch of design forms are printed and ready to go...

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13th May 2015

Have you seen our advert in PTA+ Magazine?..

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