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kids sleep routine2
14th Aug 2019
Summer holidays bring sleepovers, film nights and day trips that run past their bedtime. That’s the fun of summer! Keeping little ones to their normal sleep routine is important though, and if it’s not a jam-packed schedule it’s the heat - or even spending too much time in their bedrooms playing. All of these can lead to disrupted sleep. Here are our tips for maintaining a good sleep routine during the summer holidays.

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kids summer small
31st Jul 2019

Over the long summer holidays, the pennies can quickly add up when you’re occupying energetic children every day. Here are our tips on how to keep costs down, and keep the budget stretched until September. 

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keeping kids entertained2
17th Jul 2019

The long summer holidays are starting any day now, but that doesn’t mean that work has ended for all of us. If you have to work from home whilst juggling childcare - or if you’re trying to reduce screen time at home - here are our tips for keeping kids entertained without relying on the tv, phones and tablets every day. 

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30th Jun 2019
Summer term might be winding down, and the holidays fast approaching, but they haven’t started yet and if your child is experiencing bullying at school it can feel like a long few weeks to go before they have a break. The holiday break can also make children anxious about returning to school, and the uncomfortable environment. 

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swimming lessons small
18th Jun 2019
Summer holidays are approaching, and if you’re worried that your children’s swimming skills aren’t as strong as they should be - or they haven’t begun swimming lessons yet - here are a few tips on building their confidence.

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23rd May 2019
It’s not a subject normally taught in schools - we learn our times tables and set up imaginary shops to play shopkeeper in, but the value of saving is just as important. Here are our tips on how to begin teaching children the value of money.

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14th May 2019
The weather may still be a bit unreliable in May, but the temperatures are gradually rising and with each meal time we’re replacing our comforting slow-cooker winter recipes with lighter spring flavours. Here are a few of our family favourites.

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earth day small
26th Apr 2019

As we celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April it got us thinking about how we can reduce our single-use plastic use and go beyond taking the recycling out once a fortnight. Here are a few simple ideas for reducing plastic in a busy household.

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27th Mar 2019

Tuesday 2nd April is International Children’s Book Day 2019. Marking Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, it’s a day dedicated to the joy of reading that has been celebrated since 1967. This year, IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) Lithuania are sponsoring International Children’s Book Day, and have shared this message - reminding us to pause for a minute with a good book: 

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working from home mum small
19th Mar 2019
Whether you work from home every day, or have to spend the odd day using the sofa as your makeshift office, it can be difficult to get into the swing of things - throw a small human into the mix and it can test even the most resilient worker! Here are our tips for working from home in the company of children.

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28th Feb 2019

We’ll never tire of cold toast carried to us in bed, lovingly scraped with piles of butter and a mug of over-brewed tea on the side. If it comes with a lie-in, even better. Mother’s Day is a great excuse to leave the washing up for someone else, and enjoy some extra ‘me time’. Here are a few different ways to spend the day - and a creative one for the kids to enjoy.

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lambing season2
12th Feb 2019
It feels like we’ve only just dropped them back at school after the Christmas break, but the February half-term has already come around. We’re looking forward to some family time, especially as the shorter break doesn’t demand quite so many unique activity ideas, but if you’re feeling uninspired, here are a few tricks that we’ll have up our sleeve this February holiday.

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valentines day
24th Jan 2019
Valentine’s Day has become a day of celebration for many reasons over the years; from the outlawing of marriage to a celebration of St Valentine himself, on the day he was taken to be executed for arranging secret (and illegal!) weddings - 14th February.

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arts and crafts2
14th Jan 2019
It’s all part of learning and development, but arts and crafts can sometimes be just as tricky as learning times tables. Here are a few tips for bringing out the artist in your child.

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new years eve small
21st Dec 2018
Sometimes a quiet night in with the family is the best way to celebrate New Years Eve - especially with younger children. But it doesn’t have to mean a dull night at home - here are our tips for enjoying the start of a new year together.

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christmas tantrum
17th Dec 2018

Father Christmas, too much sugar, plenty of energy and excitement, routines all over the place - the run up to Christmas - and the festive season itself - can send our little ones emotions all over the place. We’ve put together a few of our favourite tips for calming kids down in their most frazzled moments.

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28th Nov 2018

Now that the temperature has dropped we’re finding that packed lunches need to keep our little ones going for longer - and if we can send them off with something warm, even better. Here are our favourite energy-boosting packed lunch ideas for winter. 

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19th Nov 2018

We love thinking up new ways to entertain our kids - especially at special times like Christmas. Here we share a few ideas for alternative advent calendars; the classic fillings are chocolate and sweets, but you could complete yours with puzzles, prizes and small surprises to look forward to every day.

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spelling test 2
24th Oct 2018
It has been revealed that a fifth of parents are ‘too scared’ to help children with their maths homework (if you feel that you’re in this category, read our tips on homework struggles for support), we wonder - are tests and homework in primary school helpful for young children and their learning development?

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kids halloween costumes-2
15th Oct 2018
It’s the start of October which means the countdown begins - Hallowe’en is almost upon us. This year there’ll be no last minute sewing, no dash to the supermarket for a tatty costume and no overpriced decorations - we’ve got spooky season covered with our guide to budget costumes, decorations that will impress without having to delve deep into your pockets and delicious snacks that don’t come with a scary price tag!

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28th Sep 2018
Whilst sitting down to an evening of homework during the week or a Saturday morning of music practice is something that most of us can’t avoid, it’s a good idea to drop in small, bitesize activities during the day to remind children that learning can be fun - and can make car journeys, meal times and the bath time routine more interesting.

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18th Sep 2018

After the long summer holidays, it probably feels like everyone needs to get back into the routine of evening meals together and healthy plates of food. Summer breaks can often mean indulging in sweet treats, splurging on a takeaway or enjoying a glass or two of wine when the kids have gone to bed. Now that everyone has settled into the school routine, it’s the perfect opportunity to get meal time back on track. Here are our favourite ways to plan healthy meals...

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20th Aug 2018

As we approach a new school year - or perhaps your little ones are beginning school for the first time - we wanted to look at the different ways that children learn, and how we can support them. It may seem advanced for young children, but as they begin their education it’s important to understand that there isn’t one single way of learning. 

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14th Aug 2018

The weather has been unpredictable this summer, so it’s best to have a few ideas prepared so that come rain or shine, whatever the forecast has in store when you wake up, you’ve got something ready to keep them occupied. 


You might have read our guide to alternative activities last year - if you’ve ticked those ideas off your list, don’t worry we’ve got plenty more where those came from. 

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19th Jul 2018
The summer holidays are just around the corner, which means fewer shirts and socks to wash and no more early morning school runs until September! Whilst the summer stretches on though, it’s important that not only does their homework get finished by the time they return, but that they try to fit in a couple of extra books for fun before they get back to their desks. Here are our tips for making learning fun and getting their heads between those pages.

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sun small
16th Jul 2018
As temperatures start to soar and we all start to make the most of the warm weather, good and bad habits can begin to creep in when it comes to sun safety, and we can become lazy with the suntan lotion. To keep us all on track, here are our unbreakable sun rules...

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summer camp
26th Jun 2018

Often schools and local community centres will open their doors and organise summer camps or activity days to keep kids active and cared for during the school holidays. It’s a really useful way to continue learning whilst you work, or for your children to socialise whilst having fun with their friends during the long summer break.

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11th Jun 2018

As the end of the summer term approaches, we’re really excited to announce the launch of our new Leavers Autograph Books!

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22nd May 2018
Summer has arrived in the UK, and temperatures are really soaring! As we pile on the suntan lotion, here are a few of our favourite classic ways to enjoy the summer weather.

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kids in the kitchen
15th May 2018
Whether you’re rushed off your feet or want to teach the little ones some extra kitchen skills, we’ve put together a few ideas for how to make meal times more fun for all the family - and recipes you’ll want to eat, too!

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kids summer small
19th Apr 2018
As soon as the sun starts shining we start dreaming of BBQs and evenings spent outside with friends, and plotting how we can eke out every minute of sunshine before autumn rolls around. Our kids are just the same - so how can we take homework from the kitchen table to the garden path, local park or family playground?

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sleeping routine
10th Apr 2018
With most of us enjoying another week of Easter holidays, and two bank holidays on the horizon in May, keeping the kids in a routine can be difficult. Although it’s important to cherish the time off together, and make the most of family time at home, disruption can often be stressful for children - they, like most of us, enjoy the familiarity of routine, so here are our tips for enjoying time off together, without dreading the transition at the other end.

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easter small
26th Mar 2018

We rarely need an excuse to crack open the arts cupboard, but Easter gets us particularly excited - it must be all those feathers, bright pastels and mini eggs (it’s hard work all that crafting!).

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19th Mar 2018
Although we love celebrating the start of spring at home with fresh daffodils, crafty afternoons and stocking up on Easter eggs, there’s nothing quite like giving the whole family something to look forward to - like a day out and about.

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world book day thumb
28th Feb 2018
World Book Day is always eagerly awaited in the IQ Cards HQ - and this year it falls on 1st March 2018. If it slipped off your radar, as these things tend to do, here’s our guide to putting together an amazing outfit at the last minute.

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christmas coasters and magnets
19th Feb 2018
Christmas should be a time for relaxation with the family, so pop the kettle on, grab the milk out of the fridge and take a seat - we’re now creating personalised coasters and fridge magnets!

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19th Jan 2018
As the school year progresses and children’s curriculum becomes more challenging, more and more parents are admitting that they are struggling to help with homework. There’s only so far we can leave it up to them to figure out for themselves, so how can we support them?

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New year 2018
11th Jan 2018

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a healthy and happy Christmas period, and celebrated together as we rolled into 2018.


We’re pleased to announce that now Christmas 2017 is over, we are looking forward to opening our books for 2018!

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28th Dec 2017
Christmas is over, it’s time to start thinking about 2018 and all the exciting plans we have for the New Year. Here are some ideas we have...

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keep calm christmas
12th Dec 2017
To make sure you enjoy the festive season, we’ve put together a few ideas that might make it a calm, happy and healthy break for you and all the family this Christmas.

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reindeer handprintjpg
27th Nov 2017
Over on our IQ Cards Facebook page you’ll find lots of inspiration for homemade cards and gifts - including card designs, decorations, Christmas cookies and festive fancy dress. Here are a few of our favourites...

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15th Nov 2017
Here are our tips for keeping kids focused during the late-autumn term.

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16th Oct 2017

As Hallowe’en approaches, it’s a dilemma that’s grown over the years: should parents take their children out trick or treating? 

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9th Oct 2017
With half-term fast approaching, here’s our guide to planning ahead and making the most of some time together as a family - most of them are free or cost as little as £1 entry.

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school kids
29th Sep 2017
September marks the start of a new term and a new year - and for a lot of children, a brand new school. All of this change can be unsettling, so we’ve put together our tips for how to make the transition easier, and how best to support your children as they embark on a new phase in their education.

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15th Sep 2017
Whether it’s nursery, primary or secondary, or simply moving to a new area, starting school is often a disruptive and emotional time in a child’s life. If your younger one has found the first few days of a new school difficult, they’re not alone. Here are our tips for making the change easier for them.

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reading child
4th Aug 2017

The summer break is the perfect excuse to cram in as much reading as you can. Whatever the weather (and the UK certainly likes to enjoy all of the seasons in one month!), you can bring a good book along anywhere. 

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17th Jul 2017
The countdown begins - summer holidays are fast approaching and although the whole family might be counting down the days, it’s a long stretch of time to fill with fun activities. Here’s our guide to having a fun and productive summer.

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child creativity at school
10th Jul 2017
As children grow older and reach primary school, education through play becomes more relevant to their personal development; their creativity, their understanding of themselves, and their ability to retain knowledge.

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