Save money this summer

Over the long summer holidays, the pennies can quickly add up when you're occupying energetic children every day. Here are our tips on how to keep costs down, and keep the budget stretched until September.

Make sure the kitchen's stocked

Buying in bulk means better value for money, so now you know you'll have hungry kids - and their friends! - at home all summer, buying larger packets than you normally would will cut down your average shopping bills. Don't forget the freezer! Boxes of ice lollies and ice creams are always cheaper than going out and buying everyone individual ice-creams.

Bring as much as you can with you

Every little helps when you're enjoying a day trip, so make sure everyone's got water bottles and a packed lunch - or at least a few snacks to keep them going, and avoid unnecessary spending when you're out and about.

Balance time at home with time outdoors

There are usually plenty of free museums and outdoor activities to keep children occupied, but there's nothing like spending the day at home - especially when you have a list of things you need to get done, too! Take a look at our alternative activities guide for a few ideas.

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