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Paying kids to help around the house

As children grow up they learn new jobs around the house, taking on their own new responsibilities - however it doesn't always go to plan!

Start early

Get kids involved as soon as possible - let them watch as you work through your to-do list and see how much you can achieve in a short space of time. It will get them into the mindset that it's normal to have things to do around the house.

Contributing to the household

Many jobs are simply part of helping out - laying the table for dinner together, or tidying up their play area. If children are slow to adopt taking on their own tasks, it may be worth 'bribing' them with the promise of more freedom as a reward; more play time or an extra story at bedtime - something that doesn't have monetary value.

Learning opportunities

When children learn and complete a task, it builds their self-confidence. When they do it regularly, they'll remember this feeling and can relate it to new tasks they take on. Although it might be a battle at first, starting with a job they find interesting - whether it's dusting or following you around as you hoover, they'll soon pick it up.

Set a time limit - and don't put it off!

The more you make chores seem like a bad thing, the more they'll see them this way too. So turn the tv off, put the games away and tell them it will only take X amount of time. Make it clear what you'll be doing and how long it will take. You could even match it time for time with a treat - 15 minutes cleaning for 15 minutes extra reading time before bed. Try not to use chores as punishment, as this reverses all your hardwork in creating a positive environment for helping out.

Extra pocket money

When children are a little older, they may start helping with bigger jobs around the house - gardening, for example. You might see this as outside the realms of daily tasks, and it could be a job that they get paid to do. This is a great way to introduce them to the world of work - rewarding them for a job well done with payment.

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