Family reading

National Storytelling Week: 1st - 8th February 2020

Storytelling is a wonderful way to aid the development of language, memory, learning and empathy for children. Stories can be told anytime, anywhere - and about anything!


Stories support memory development

Breaking up a story challenges children to remember the narrative each night, without the support of visual aids. Ask them to recall what their favourite part is so far, or what they think might happen next.

Teach them a lesson!

Stories are a great way to illustrate lessons they are learning both at school and at home, whether that's new words they've learnt in their English lessons or understanding why they shouldn't touch the oven when it's hot. By turning lessons into a narrative it brings learning to life, making for a better understanding and more exciting development experience.

Learn about the world

Storytelling gives children the opportunity to explore countries and cultures from across the globe, and learn about different languages, traditions, values and celebrations. This is a great opportunity to bring out a map of the world.

Get everyone involved

If they feel comfortable with the idea, get the whole family involved - or find some time when they have friends round - and begin storytelling together. Choose someone to open the story with a sentence, before passing the baton to the next person. As they take it in turns to weave a tale together, they'll understand the power and enjoyment of storytelling.

Enthusiastic and creative storytelling can strengthen the bond between parent and child, aid development in many ways and support lessons both at school and at home.

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