Celebrate Valentine's Day with these creative ideas

Here are a few of our favourite crafty ideas for Valentine's Day this year.


Valentine's Day has become a day of celebration for many reasons over the years; from the outlawing of marriage to a celebration of St Valentine himself, on the day he was taken to be executed for arranging secret (and illegal!) weddings - 14th February.

Nowadays we tend to mark Saint Valentine's Day with a celebration of love in its many forms; as a traditional couple, as a reminder to steal the opportunity to reveal your love as a distant admirer, or to surprise mum, dad or a sibling with a special gift to remind them you love them. Here are a few of our favourite crafty ideas for Valentine's Day this year.

Shaving Cream Hearts from Hello Wonderful. We can't believe how simple these are, and so beautiful! 

Younger artists, these Baby Hand Print Flowers from Nanny Shecando also make a great memory keepsake.

Do your kids love to bring home pebbles and rocks, and insist that they must be kept forever? Well here's your chance to turn those treasures into works of art, with these Valentine's Friendship Rocks from Red Ted Art.

If you're more in the mood for a sweet treat, but with a slightly healthy twist, try these Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts from One Little Project. A little fiddly for smaller hands, they can help with the dipping and certainly with the taste testing!

How will you be celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Join our IQ Cards Facebook community and tell us your plans - we'd love to hear how you share the love!