Simple games to keep their brains active

28th Sep 2018

Whilst sitting down to an evening of homework during the week or a Saturday morning of music practice is something that most of us can’t avoid, it’s a good idea to drop in small, bitesize activities during the day to remind children that learning can be fun - and can make car journeys, meal times and the bath time routine more interesting.


Spelling games

No matter what words your little ones are tripping up over - or perhaps it’s punctuation that they’re having trouble with - when you have some free time together, keep repeating the words with little prompts to make it easier for them to remember the correct spelling, pronunciation or punctuation. Why does dessert have an extra ‘s’? It stands for strawberry sauce, you won’t find any of that in the desert.


Times tables

Turn it into a competition and see how far you can make it round the table at dinner time. First to break the chain has to do the dishes!


Telling the time

Draw a clock face and cut out the hands separately. At the weekend, perhaps over breakfast, plan your day ahead and decide what time you’ll be doing everything during the day - visiting somewhere, having lunch, meeting friends. Let them show you when each time will be - and don’t forget to bring your clock out with you to keep checking the time!


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