International Children’s Book Day

27th Mar 2019

Tuesday 2nd April is International Children’s Book Day 2019. Marking Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, it’s a day dedicated to the joy of reading that has been celebrated since 1967. This year, IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) Lithuania are sponsoring International Children’s Book Day, and have shared this message - reminding us to pause for a minute with a good book: 

"Books help us not to rush, books teach us to notice things, and books invite us or even make us sit down for a while."

Celebrated separately to World Book Day, where we see wizards, pirates and cats in hats arrive at the school gates in March, International Children’s Book Day promotes learning through children’s books, support and training to those who teach using children’s literature, and strives to provide children everywhere with access to books. The theme of slowing down is quite different to the energy that comes buzzing out of World Book Day, and so in the spirit of Lithuania’s message, we’ll be settling down together with our favourite books and remembering:

"Let there be interesting books for readers and interesting readers for books!"

How will you be celebrating International Children’s Book Day this year? Join our IQ Cards Facebook community and let us know what your favourite children’s book is - young or old!