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How to maintain a kids sleep routine

14th Aug 2019

Summer holidays bring sleepovers, film nights and day trips that run past their bedtime. That’s the fun of summer! Keeping little ones to their normal sleep routine is important though, and if it’s not a jam-packed schedule it’s the heat - or even spending too much time in their bedrooms playing. All of these can lead to disrupted sleep. Here are our tips for maintaining a good sleep routine during the summer holidays.


Keep up the routine

Don’t stray from their usual routine too often. Summer is all about having fun, and they should make the most of those opportunities, but try to stick to their usual evening routines as much as possible, even when you get home later than planned.


Keep their bedroom play-free

If possible, make sure they understand that their bedrooms are where they go to sleep. It should be a calm, dark, cool space that’s free of technology and where they don’t go straight from playing for hours to getting into bed. Ideally they should see their bedroom routine as ending in their beds, not returning to their beds.


Minimise technology

Decide on what you’re happy with and stick to it. It could be that they can use a tablet or other device for a set period of time, or they can watch television with you, and then they know they’ll move onto another activity such as reading before going to bed.


Get back to basics

If you feel like summer has reversed all your hard work and you’re back to square one - don’t panic! Spend the last couple of weeks before they go back to school slowly re-adjusting their routine and bringing forward their bedtime. Gradually they’ll get back to where they were (even if you have to endure the odd painful tantrum…!).


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