Half-term is almost here – let’s get planning!

13th Feb 2017

 Christmas might be a distant memory but half-term is fast approaching, and we all need to start planning and get organised. Seven days may seem short - especially when the summer holidays can feel like a lifetime! - but when you’ve run out of ideas by Tuesday, the rest of the week can drag by in a blur.

 Here are our tips for making the most of a week off school together:


Look up local events in your area.

 Whether it’s an afternoon at the cinema, a morning at a museum, or an evening at the theatre, it’s a great way to get the kids excited - and something for you to look forward to as well, there are plenty of free local events so it doesn’t need to be expensive.


Re-organise their bedroom

 Let them pick a new piece of furniture - or refurbish something that’s already in their room - and let them choose where they would like it to go. Sort out their toys and books together, and if there are any that are a bit young for them, go with them to donate to a charity shop.


Get everyone in the kitchen

 Grab a couple of cookbooks and let them decide what’s on the menu for lunch. Depending on their age, pop a chef’s hat on their heads and let them take the lead reading the recipe, measuring, serving the food and even washing up at the end!


Ask around for a babysitter

 Time off school isn’t just for the kids - make sure you enjoy at least an evening by yourself. Or get together with other parents and agree to a rota of babysitting each, giving you some time to yourself. You deserve it!


Do absolutely nothing

 Stay in your onesies, gather your books and movies, stock up on popcorn and treats, and snuggle up on the sofa all day together. It’s what holidays are made for.

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